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Radlidge can be many things from pond algae to an extreme medical condition. May also be used in everyday conversation.
"Hey mate, ur pond's got a bad case of Radlidge"

"Your breathe smells like a fucking pond mate, that'll teach you for having that Radlidge last night."

"I regret having to tell you that you have a severe case of Radlidge, you will need to go on a course of antibiotics named Hydroradlidgeoxymorphin. Side effects can include growing some extra Radlidge under your nose and on your filtrum. These side effects are only temporary and after 3 months of taking Hydroradlidgeoxymorphin you should find that all original symptoms would have dropped off the exterior of the human body and may be collected a specialised Radlidge holding container where you will find many hours of entertainment watching them grow. They can also be used to polish your vehicle as they give an amazing Radlidgeous shine!"

"For god's sakes man, that blokes a proper Radlidge!"

"I can't be dealing with that Radlidge."

by Raggie Radlidge August 11, 2007
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