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Someone who listens to only mainstream, radio songs. This person has no individuality in music and goes with the flow of mainstream popularity. They have a very linear range of songs, often having very few or little songs.
1. "She's so lame, such a radio kid. All she does is listen to Chris Brown"
2."He's such a radio kid, he only listens to mainstream, and radio music."
3.Teenagers who like to only listen to the hottest hits on radio and think that its the best music out there.
4. People who play radio songs very loudly on transportation, thinking its cool
5.Teenagers who bag other genres because its 'indie' or not known.
by Nick and Peter December 30, 2009
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A person (male or female) that dosent have much musical independence/ diversity. Very commonly when listening to music is just listening to the radio. Also if they are listening to their Ipod or mp3 player, they only have what has been played on the radio recently. (kesha, katy perry, lady gaga etc.) The biggest reason someone maybe a radio kid is because of their lack of interest in music. They may be teased for it by others, but no one really cares. Also they commonly have nick names that stick to them and become almost "natural" and respond to that nick name faster than their real name. They enjoy skateboardsand bikes but their favorite form of transportation is a scooter. (this is mainly for radio kids aged 10-15) They are usually pretty mainstream and kind of have a Justin Bieberish looking.....but are usually pretty cool kids. A perfect example of a radio kid is a freshman at kenowa hills. His name is eddie but everyone calls him "patches".
Patches (radio kid): hey guys i was listening to the radio on my ipod while i was doing bunny hops on my scooter when i heard the coolest song by chris brown, man hes my hero!
Hipster and socialy confused kid: OK whatever patches!!
by state101 April 17, 2011
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