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A group of Radical Conservatives who's only purpose in life is to force others into believing what they believe. Their only goals are to return America to the 1950's where men go to work and women stay at home. They also believe that all gays should be sent to an island, and that anyones personal liberties should be stripped away so that everyone prays in school and that only the top 1% of America has any money. Basicly they are nazi's in disguse as well as giant pieces of shit.
Example of Radcons': Rush Limbaugh, Bill Frist, Tom Delay, Trent Lott, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Riley, Scarbourgh from Scarbourgh country, etc...

Dude, I fucking hate Radcons...
by Jimmy Markum March 22, 2005
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short for "radical control"

originally a song by the connecticut band "VIOLENT CHILDREN" who later became YOUTH OF TODAY. Rad-Con is a term used to descride everyone in the hardcore scene going to shows and having fun


friday night at the anthrax, its the place to be
cuz no one can say that you have some purity
we can have fun and skate the parking lot
or we can go downstairs and watch someone
jamies taking pictures of the band and me
the mosh crews screwing around the floor in front of me
brian says its only 5 dollars at the door
by xAJx March 15, 2007
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Just another word invented by the left to call someone who is not center or left an idiot for not submitting to standard left-wing protocol. Basically an inane insult repeated mostly by people who heard it from their parents and their friends.
The word radcon was uttered many times at the Kos convention because the participants needed a unifying word to rally against those with opposing views; those who didn't like left-wing bloggers and were (gasp) on the right.
by the prog rock man December 26, 2007
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