It's really very simple.

Racism is when you believe that you're inherently objectively superior to one person or a group due to genetics (there other things but this is why you're here).

Prejudice is having a certain expectation of an individual based on subjective factors.

Our severely weak society has gone to great lengths to ensure that these two ideas, while wholly separate, become one in the same, allowing the weak of our society to manipulate power and wealth from others.

The trick is very deft and would be beautiful if it wasn't so evil.
Racism vs Prejudice

Hateful guy: "There's a black guy! Man, I hate niggers for their wide noses and penises. They should all die or be put in servitude because they're black."

*Black guy walking down the street at 2 a.m. in Brownsville, Brooklyn.*

*Spies two black guys wearing extremely loose clothing and an undignified walk pacing towards him.*

"Hmmm, I'm going to cross the street now."

These two scenarios are not the same.

One displays the content of his character and his feelings towards a group as a whole.
The other does neither.

Learn to tell the difference between the two. After doing this and understanding the central and honestly quite obvious differences, listen carefully to hear when someone confuses the two (it won't take long), their ulterior motives are now obvious within this new frame of mind.

You have now acquired the ability to identify charlatans at will.

Use this ability for the good of mankind, it is needed desperately.

~an honest black guy~
by aGiftedRighter May 10, 2016
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Racism: Hating people because of a genetic feature that they have, such as race.
As time progresses most people tend to hate people who claim to be racists and and its slowly becoming less socially acceptable to be that way. (thankfully)

Prejudice: Hating people based on genetic features that they have, such as, homosexuality, schizophrenia, being bipolar, being short, being tall, freckles, hair color, gender, age, being ugly, having physical disabilities, being overweight, having mental disabilities, being autistic, having down syndrome, having learning problems, being mentally ill, having any physical abnormality. These types of prejudice are usually entirely socially acceptable and pretty much encouraged.
Racism vs Prejudice
Person1: I've only known that person for 30 seconds, but I hate them.
Person 2: Why, did they do something wrong?
Person 1: No, they don't have to do anything wrong, I just hate them.

KKK: We hate blacks....
Black Panthers: We hate whites...
Third party bystander: Wow, the seem like different sides of the same coin. The should have lunch together.
by a person111 October 1, 2014
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Prejudice is to be human. Every one of us judges others on first contact. Usually through the filter of our own life experiences. Racism is a deep seeded superiority complex based purely on race. It usually requires joining a racism club and buying silly looking costumes. IE: KKK/Neo Nazis, Black Panthers/Nation of islam, Mecha/La Raza, etc,etc,etc.
Redneck like me #1:Steve crossed the "Racism vs. Prejudice" line the other day!

Redneck like me #2: Wad the dumbfuck do?

Redneck like me #1: He went and joined the KKK. What's he so proud of? His shitty trailer, or the fact that he married his first cousin?

Redneck like me #2: I dunno man, niggers irritate me too, but I'm not wearing that stupid looking bullshit!
by Whiskey Tengo Foxtrot August 30, 2011
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