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A vehicle that is associated almost exclusively with homosexuals.
Are you serious? I cant believe you let yourself be seen in public in that fucking Porshe Boxter fagmobile. You had might as well be driving a hot pink Miata with a fucking rainbow flag on the antenna. What a fucking fagmobile driving, nozzle chomping, cockboy you are!
by Whiskey Tengo Foxtrot August 24, 2011
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In ---->

Out <---

Most privates (military rank) are so stupid they couldn't fuck their mothers with the aid a polish sex manual.
by Whiskey Tengo Foxtrot August 29, 2011
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Prejudice is to be human. Every one of us judges others on first contact. Usually through the filter of our own life experiences. Racism is a deep seeded superiority complex based purely on race. It usually requires joining a racism club and buying silly looking costumes. IE: KKK/Neo Nazis, Black Panthers/Nation of islam, Mecha/La Raza, etc,etc,etc.
Redneck like me #1:Steve crossed the "Racism vs. Prejudice" line the other day!

Redneck like me #2: Wad the dumbfuck do?

Redneck like me #1: He went and joined the KKK. What's he so proud of? His shitty trailer, or the fact that he married his first cousin?

Redneck like me #2: I dunno man, niggers irritate me too, but I'm not wearing that stupid looking bullshit!
by Whiskey Tengo Foxtrot August 30, 2011
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A derogitory statement impliying that the target is a fake, douche, jerk off. Comes form the word "dildo" meaning fake penis; and the word "licker" meaning one who licks things. The combination has the implied meaning that said person is not only a"dick licker" but is in fact a "fake dick licker". Popularized by the animated series Metalocalypse.
Bono the lead singer for U2 is the biggest dildo licker in all of world history.
by Whiskey Tengo Foxtrot August 14, 2011
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1) When you are at the vending machine and can't decide on a delicious carbonated beverage, push two or more buttons at the same time. Out comes a carbonated surprise.

2) After inserting money in the vending machine, have multiple people simultaneously push the button that corresponds to flavor of their choosing. Winner keeps the beverage. If you jump the gun, you must buy all other players their beverage of choice.
Soda roulette can also be used in place of rock paper scissors.
by Whiskey Tengo Foxtrot September 1, 2011
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