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A Rachel is someone who will never leave your side. She’ll support you no matter what you do, she’s a bit sensitive so make sure your careful with her feelings. Don’t take her for granted, the perfect Rachel only comes once in a lifetime. If you have a friend named Rachel, believe me, your so lucky.

You’re so lucky if you know someone named Rachel, you better deserve it. She’s also very easy to fall in love with, she’s an angel on earth🥰
Guy 1: Let’s go bother Rachel 🥰
Guy 2: Yeah.
Me: Rachel 🥰? Yeah we got a jerk incoming.
Rachel 🥰: Ignore them, the only thing that matters is that we are happy and that they don’t have a life.
Guy 1: Ugh you’re no fun
Guy 2: Oh mY gOsH sHes pErfEct i lOve hEr
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by BøbaFløwer February 17, 2020
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