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Rabwah is a beautiful small city in foothills of the Himalaya mountain range on the bank of Chenab river located in the province of Punjab in the north-central part of Pakistan.

Rabwah became the central headquarters of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community after the partition of the subcontinent of India in 1947. It functioned as such until early 1980's when due to intense persecution of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan the headquarters were moved to London, England. However, the symbolic and historic significance of Rabwah remains today.
Ahsan Upal was born in Rabwah.
by Ahsan Upal December 05, 2003
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Rabwah is an Arabic word which means a high place.
Before the creation of Pakistan it was a barren place. but Ahmadiyya Muslim Comunity developed it into a lush green city with a population of about one lac friendly people. literacy rate is highest among pakistani cities which is 100% River Chenab provides a beautiful picnic spot.
Rub Wah
Ruv Wah
by Faiza January 03, 2004
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A city populated by Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam. Close to historical city of Chiniot, and in the district of Jhang. The city was declared an "open City" by the gov in 1970's. Untill then, tight rule was held by Jamaati people. Still, not as free as a free place could be.
Rabwah, the forbidden City.
by Descriptor January 22, 2005
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