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Someone with buck teeth and is a bitch= Rabbitch
Corrine Morring from Reading who goes to prospect and is 12-13 years old is a Rabbitch
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1. A flaw ass nigga usually looking like a flaw ass rabbit

2. May refer to a real light skined black south america or mixed light skined nigga who by heritage looks like a rabbit and thus are 99.99% flaw for no damn reason.
Some rabbit just tripped my asss, what a rabbitch

Flaw Nigga: Go take a walk
Flaw securit: why you outside
Non-flaw nigga: I got kicked out by some rabbit looking ass nigga
Flaw securit: Why
Non-flaw nigga: I thank thet Rabbitch was havin his period or something.
Flaw securit: You gettin a detention
by ILL-AIR October 29, 2009
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