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A 'Rabbit Scab' is someone who is relying on the social welfare system to live and deliberately conceives children (or additional children) whom they know will also be dependent on the welfare system. Typically, this is just people who don't think about the fact that they are ripping off tax payers, but in many cases, a rabbit scab will actually have children for the sole purpose of avoiding work and increasing their weekly government hand out.
Rabbit scabs are considered to be lower than junkies, fraudsters and even outright thieves. The term rabbit scab gives a label to this class of society so they can be exposed for what they are, and others who intend to follow in their footsteps will think twice and perhaps choose to become decent human beings instead.
Man, I heard '*****' is pregnant again and her man still doesn't have a job. Those two are such rabbit scabs!
by Expose December 14, 2014
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