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Raúl Eduardo Esparza (born October 24, 1970) is a Broadway, film, and TV actor. Very attractive and extremely talented. Sings, acts, and dances. Has tons of tumblr fangirls and managed to make and extremely disgusting character (Frederick Chilton) into a fan favorite. His voice is probably what heaven sounds like. He's Cuban-American and his Spanish is gorgeous. He's also known for his impressive talent of growing a beard. He's bisexual.
Known for:
Bobby in Company.
Jonas Nightengale in Leap of Faith.
Frederick Chilton in Hannibal.
ADA Rafael Barba in Law and Order: SVU.
Nevada Ramirez in Trouble in the Heights.
And tons of other roles go check out his imdb page.
Beth: omg Raúl Esparza is so hot and talented.
Mary: I know right, I wanna have his babies.
by spoopygurl May 26, 2014
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