RWNJ Examples: a) People who have the back of their vehicle totally covered with right-wing bumper stickers. b) Your old uncle who feels the need to start unwanted political conversations at all occasions, and then just parrots everything he's heard on Fox News the night before. c) The folks who have no problem pissing away billions a day on war, yet are passionate in their desire to cut off all aid to those in poverty. d) Anyone (other than Colonial Williamsburg tour guides) who wear tricorn hats, and/or display Gadsden flags.
by little mario January 4, 2014
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Slang for Right Wind Nut Jobs / Right Wing Nazi Jerks. What Progressives, Democrats, and Centrists call far-right extremists like Tea Partiers, the Koch Brothers, and assorted Fox News hosts.
The government may shut down because John Boehner can't control the RWNJ in the Republican Party.
by Moo Paradigm September 26, 2013
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Slang/short for Right Wing Nut Job, an widely shared characterization of the modern-day conservative but one that, ironically, conservatives strongly deny and refuse to own, despite their increasingly wacky and weird beliefs.
Right Wing Nut Job: "Everyone knows that Benghazi is the greatest conspiracy in history and that Obama is actually a Muslim Community Organizer and Coke Dealer who only won because the Black Panthers stuffed the ballot boxes with the names of illegal aliens! And don't call me a RWNJ because I heard it on Fox AND Rush Limbaugh and everyone calling in and writing emails agreed with me!!!"
by Sissy Girly Feelings May 3, 2015
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Slang/short for Right Wing Nut Job, what a far-left hack calls you when they have no tolerance for any other viewpoint than their own and no other defense.
Liberal hack: Oh, shut up man, Benghazi never happened and it's a fabricated story. You're such a RWNJ.
by SLTXr May 12, 2013
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