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1)Out and about with one woman...RESPECT.

2)Out and about with two women...MUCH RESPECT.
(Quick note:This scenario was more likely to happen
in days gone by.(the 70's) have two
women out for fun...then back to the pad for more exceedingly rare.Unless they're "proffessionals".
Which by the way is not a bad thing in itself.

3)Out and about with three women...YOU'RE FEMME GAY.
Nothing wrong with that...but if you're can
assume the worst case scenario...that you are deemed
GUY 1:"Hey..check out that guy over there walking into the Victoria's Secret with those three hotties."

Guy 2:"No love.He's at the ass end of the the RULE OF 123.
by L.MARTIN October 03, 2005
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ONE PHONE CALL: If she/he can't decide to get together after one phone was'nt meant to be.Either they're not into you or worse...they're indecisive.

TWO DATES:If he/she is'nt in the bed of your choosing after two dates-(They know if they want you)-end all contact.Either they're not into you,or worse...they're indecisive attention whores.

THREE FUCKS:Get past the first two? Got him/her in bed? Good.Make it enjoyable for all involved...but at about that third session...someone will want to be involved more deeply.Time to bounce.Who's on deck?
DUDE 1:"Gina is hot...but whatever happened to Josie?"

DUDE 2:"She wanted commitment.I got a RULE OF 123 I tend to follow.Just was'nt in the cards."
by L.MARTIN October 03, 2005
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