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December 24th, 2007. ROMUCHAN was born. OP stated that ROMUCHAN wanted his cock, and immediately delivered noodz. Responses included; "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HER FACE?" and "WTF!??! Is that an alien?!"

Anons desperately googled for any traces of ROMUCHAN but found nothing. There seemed to be a few anons who actually knew ROMUCHAN in person. One of them likely told her about said thread for she later made this statement;
"Aww you guys are so sweet! i would love to know which one of you broke into my files and stole my pictures. but i guess thats cause most of you are probably either 14 year old virgin dweebs or 40 year old pedophiles. nice to know what you guys do with your time. Now tell me, which one of you has ever seen a woman naked before? none? thats what i thought. Now which one of you still lives with their mommy?? and is said mommy know what you do with your life? what you people say about me really isn't a bother to me. I don;t know or care to know any of you, and i will probably never meet you either. So go ahead, make fun at my expense. you think i give a shit about losers like you who have no respect for the human race??

I really and truely hope that the lot of you go out, buy a shot-gun, take it down to your little lair in mommy and daddys basement, put it deep down in your throats like i'm sure you are ALL so good at doing, and then pull the trigger. It will be oh so much fun to watch the news and hear of your pathetic death...cause thats all it will be...pathetic losers who can't come to grip with reality so they have to hide out. My people are WAY worse than those WoW nerds around the world, cause at least they know a hottie when they see one.

So in closing. Go ahead. one day i or many of mine will find you, and pray that when they do, they will make it quick and painless, cause you all deserve slow and very painful

TOODLES!! kitty kat.

p.s. go fuck yourself side ways with a rusty nail gun"

ROMUCHAN. "oh lawds...I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU. seriously."
by Anon-no-miiiisss December 24, 2007
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