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ROFLwagen is a type of volkswagen and VW owner. Someone who never takes anything too seriously. ALWAYS has fun. ALWAYS works hard. ALWAYS willing to help out other ROFLwagen owners. ROFLwagens break, but they're ALWAYS repairable with the help of your fellas. ROFLwagens ALWAYS roll deep to the shows, gtg's, races and BBQ's. Most importantly ROFLwagens are from UPSTATE, NY!! Specifically the ALBANY, NY area!!
OH SNAP!! That's a ROFLwagen! ROFLwagens don't play!!
by DannyboyUpstate April 01, 2009
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ROFLwagen is usually a late 90's VW. It is characterized by a young driver that thinks their old Voltswagen is some hot rod. These drivers have yet to realize that Late 90's VW's are not sporty, nor kool to be driving, especially since they're terribly designed automobiles that are not at all aerodynamic and box-like.
Another notable feature of the ROFLwagen and its drivers are their longing to gather in groups of two or more. They tend to park all of their ROFLwagens next to each other and then take pictures of them, only to post online for others to see.
Look at all of those ROFLwagens, I bet they're taking pictures of their ugly cars.
by Thaguy_oh_my May 02, 2011
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