A good-at-everything king of person. A Robey can practically “do it all” A Robey knows when you check him out. If you stair at him for too long then the love angel will forever take over your heart.
Hey Rebecca check out that Robey, *both faint* because of the essence of awesomeness.
by Sir awesome October 12, 2021
(noun) A music hater

(verb) To destroy a radio station

(adj) Arrogant, stubborn, prone to lying
"He put an axe through the juke box, he's such a robey."

GLR has been well and truly robeyed.

Our boss is a robey so-and-so isn't he?
by watto January 20, 2004
While having sex with someone the catcher of the sexual act, pulls out a pair of clippers and shaves the persons head and ass. Receiving an Abe Lincoln of ass hairs
"Dude I was doing my chick and we did the Rob Robey."
by Hairless Chipmunk April 28, 2009