The one and only TRUE god of random number generation, who decides on all matters relating to 'skill' based moves, abilities, critical hits, dice rolls and many other delectable goodies.
Non-Believer: "Man, I have hit her six times and haven't got a critical hit!"
Disciple: "Should of prayed to RNGsus..."

Disgruntled player: " 17% chance of a bash and he does it three times in a row!"
Converted servant: " RNGsus is on his side!"
by PsychoSi May 18, 2017
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Slang; a pun of RNG and Jesus, used when an RNG (random possibility) object gives the very best, very worst, or weirdest possible result out of a nearly-endless pool of possibilities.
example: "RNGsus!! Why do my opponents keep getting critical hits on me but never get any on then?!?"
by HyperChu March 24, 2016
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