Stands for "Roll Like A Buffalo" This phrase was used in one of the K-pop group "Exo"'s teasers as part of the song "Two Moons" by Exo. This phrase is spoken by the leader of one of Exo's subgroups, Kris, of Exo-M and is used frequently by many Exo fans. They think it might be a reference to his hometown of Canada. Fans use it in replace of "LMAO", as a sign of great humor.
OMG, RLAB! That's so funny that Sehun did that to Luhan! I totally ship HunHan!
by kpopfreakk June 04, 2012
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EXO fans will get it!
EXO'S interview was so cute! you should have seen Tao; his aegyo was so cute! RLAB!
by nicolette the fangirl April 19, 2012
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mmorpg term meaning, Run like a Bitch

usuially used in bad situations.
omg, rlab you fucktard
by Lestat April 27, 2004
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