RJW is short for Roblox Justice Warriors. They infiltrate discord servers and mass report sex games only a small group of people know about. They still claim roblox is a kid's game, trust me, it's gone to hell.
That damn RJW got our game content deleted again.
by Kirtune May 23, 2018
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1. RJW is an acronym for the term "Roblox Justice Warrior" which is a reference of a "Social Justice Warrior". The term comes from when children run around on roblox harassing other users for "inappropriate behavior" (aka, something that will cause them to be triggered).

2. RJW is also a person who destroys discord communities that troll roblox moderators or entire groups. They like to find out the accounts of the people in that discord, then proceed to mass report all of them to roblox directly via e-mail. Usually this results in the vast majority of the community getting their account terminated, or given an IP ban.
That damn RJW won't leave us alone.
by Kirtune May 24, 2018
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