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Richieism is a faith, a belief established by a young genius by the name of Richie Mc. It was formed in Kansas in the year 2007 and already has members accross several states.
It is much like other Christian religions with a belief in God, but that's where the similarities end.
In Richieism, you are aloud to believe that 99% of the bible is crap. No big deal. I mean really, who honestly believes all that, seriously? A guy really rounded up 2 of every animal? The sea parted? RIIIIGHT.
In this faith you have a friendly relationship with God. Not one where you are to live in fear that if you do something wrong one of his chosen few will bad touch you in a booth, then make you say a bunch of scripted prayers while your ass is still swelling! It's ok to question and joke around at his expense like he does to you.
Many religions do the body and blood as wine and a nasty wafer. Richieism has brought a modern touch to the practice with Cheetoes and Jagermeister.
For more information on how you can become a member just leave some contact info and I can send you a brochure.
My life has become truely wonderful since I found out about Richieism. I feel as if I owe this beautiful prophet of God my life.
by jeff nixon September 03, 2008
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