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A creature that lives in the woods of northern Michigan. It has a distinct mating cry. To obtain a physical description, one must attend an event that was named after this creature. Participants also learn how to speak the creature's language, in case they should ever come across one in the woods.
Credible sitings of these creatures are limited, but one famous Senator claims that they are "good eatin."
by 322 August 20, 2004
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The word "RANGER" spelled backwards. This term is used to make light of or belittle the strains and difficulties involved in becoming an "Army Ranger," an elite group of highly capable soldiers.
Ranger Joe: "I'm such a badass now that I'm a R-R-R-ANGER!"
Jealous Jim: "oh... yeah. Regnar's lead the way."
by Mr.Shockey April 05, 2011
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