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Rvt aka Riverview Terrace, which is currently known as Oaks At Riverview. Is now one of Tampa's cleanness Neighborhoods, which used to be a tore down Projects Building back in the Riverview Terrace days & used to be one of the toughest neighborhoods around. Is now one of the safes neighborhoods in Tampa. You'll still have to be careful because the bad roots are still there & they all bring violence, guns, drugs, & theft. Even though that it isn't as bad as it was before 2003 you should second think before moving there. They have one of the best crime watchers program in Tampa that have improved the neighborhood almost completely. Rvt aka Riverview Terr was tore down back in 2003 & rebuild into what you see today. In 2005 it welcomed it's first residents. The Mayor & city police says Tampa has held the #7 spot with the most crime in Hillsborough County since 2012. People say & claim that Tampa is no longer on the map but the truth is Tampa is what birth all the hoods in Tampa today. Rvt was part of the Old Seminole Heights which population was 14,729 back in 2010. Rvt maybe one of Tampa's modern neighborhoods today but there is always the bad blood in the old breeds that make it unfit.
Person 1: Yo I heard he from R.V.T lol.
Person 2: You do know R.V.T is the root of Tampa?
Person 1: What do you mean?
Person 2: I mean R.V.T is one of the most expand hoods.
Person 3: Yea.. Every hood got the most people who was born or raised in R.V.T.
Person 1: True.
by Oaks At Riverview May 17, 2017
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