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a suburban gang of mainly ethnic youth prodominently middle eastern. Based around bankstown area R.H.B stands for revesby home boyz as it consists of around 80 or more boyz from the revesby area along with bankstown and punhchbowl. they beat the shit out of lads in there spare time they dont tag or hassle the community simply a bunch of boyz who hate lads:).
rhb doenst have a dress code they simply dress how all other lebs dress there are a whole bunch of little kids who think they are in rhb but rhb is not even a gang its just the boyz from revesby who either come from punchbowl greenacre n bankstown
by rhb 2212 April 04, 2008
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"right hanging booger" a code for telling a friend they have a booger in their nose. Also "L.H.B." for the left nostril.
by John March 06, 2003
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Red Headed Bitch
a person who has red hair and is a bitch
lindsy lohan is a great example of this
but she has already got the name Fire Crotch
<lindsy lohan walks by>
"jessica can you believe how much of a R H B she is?"
by justasillylilgirl May 21, 2008
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buy the domain for your pet blog
two words: CY BROTHERS

Whenever you see a guy posting something that makes you? that is when you automatically think RHB.

RHB rhb or RHb yes there is a difference.
"RHB..take it to the brothers section..."

"this thread is full of RHB"

"Tuts or RHB? or both? THAT IS the Question."

by Icancook0321456 January 24, 2009
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