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Qusspluck (C+wiss+pluck) is an aquatic creature that loves to pluck ducks for their Schmot. It usually tastes of a bovine pig, and poops golden pebbles that sprout the tube like spout that is the Qusspluck's nose and mouth. The Qusspluck likes to meander the ocean floor in search of a nice death spot. Then it sits down and lays a single pebble that will turn into another Qusspluck when the first Qusspluck dies. The Qusspluck is an endangered species, we think, because people have only ever seen seven in the whole world. This is probably because they die within ten hours of being born. The Qusspluck is thought to be such a not well thought out design that it wasn't made by God. How did the almighty design the creature not in his image, but of that of Satin. If you ever have the misfortune to come across a Qusspluck, you will die because the Qusspluck likes to bring as many things down with it. If you want to survive, you must smack the Qusspluck on the spout with a hammer, preferably one that costs $24.99. You will survive then, but probably die because they like to all die in the same place.
Gregory Estano for Mexico was swimming in the Gulf of Mexico when a Qusspluck swam next to him and killed him.
Many people have died from Qusspluck bites, so it is okay to kill the Qusspluck.
by Gran'D Posit April 11, 2009
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