Generic name given to birds such as crows or more particularly ravens.
Q. Why are ravens called "Quoth"?

A. Edgar Allan Poe gave one that name in his famous poem "The Raven"

"Quoth the Raven"
by Max Heiliger January 19, 2010
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very fancy way of saying 'to say', often used by internet neckbeards trying to look like having an iq of 169
C: "I have osteoporosis" quoth he
A: Wtf does 'quoth' mean? Am i intelligen't?
C: Indeed, it is a synonym for 'to say'
A: Nice neckbeard you got there
C: It is the sign of all intellectuals
A: No, it's the sign of a manchild that hasn't left their basement ever since the dinosaurs fucking died
C: runs like the coward he is
by yet_another_potato February 19, 2019
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