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The time in which police officers pull over lots of people and write up lots of tickets or make arrests because their police quota for the month is coming up soon.
Guys, we can't pick up over there. It's quota time and the pigs are swarming the area.
by Sharp Kink November 26, 2010
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When you are only given 120 minutes a day to look at inappropriate stuff/ go on the mary kate and ashley olsen website. It's really hard to be so limited.
Tracey: Hey, Colleen, I have a really good idea, let's stream in some news from!
Colleen: Tracey, you moran, don't you know that I have 0 minutes of quota time remaining?
Tracey: No, dude, sorry I didn't I feel asleep.
Colleen: It's ok, we can use Sean's quota time.
Tracey: GENIUS.
by John Harris May 11, 2005
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