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When you are only given 120 minutes a day to look at inappropriate stuff/ go on the mary kate and ashley olsen website. It's really hard to be so limited.
Tracey: Hey, Colleen, I have a really good idea, let's stream in some news from CNN.com!
Colleen: Tracey, you moran, don't you know that I have 0 minutes of quota time remaining?
Tracey: No, dude, sorry I didn't I feel asleep.
Colleen: It's ok, we can use Sean's quota time.
Tracey: GENIUS.
by John Harris May 11, 2005

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when you da best and caplice aint, yo.
DJ Cedo likes me more than you, OH WHAT NOW.
by John Harris March 04, 2005

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A bad Actor: Steven Segal
oh my god who casted this retard in the film, he cant act his way out of a paper bag.
by John Harris June 11, 2004

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What Brad Calls himself
I'm an neuB!
by John Harris August 04, 2003

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grown men in questionable clothing, flailing around like they are having a seizure.
two men danced on stage to win the heart of a robot.
by john harris February 17, 2004

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britney and kevin ferderline style
My do-rag is like off da hook, yo.
by john harris February 14, 2005

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