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To have been Quobinckaged, is to have just been told a 'Your Mom/Mum joke'.

This word was originally created to explain the meaning of a 'Your Mom joke' however the word did not fit this definition, so to fix this, the word was converted to mean 'to have been told a Your Mum joke', instead of the meaning of one. Therefore the current definition for a 'Your Mom joke' is Quobinckaged. It originated from a small town in Western Australia, thanks to a group of High School students who needed a way to add to the burn of a 'Your Mom joke', and thus it became a widely known and used term.


Bob: Hey Benny, guess what I just did?
Benny: I don't know man, what?
Bob: Your Mom, lol.

Benny has just been Quobinckaged.
by Blakeinator July 31, 2014
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