Person who chooses to treasonously quit an important project, namely the European Union, in Nazi Quisling fashion due to their own ignorance, racism, xenophobia, misplaced selfishness and general belief that their own failings must be someone else’s fault.
Wayne: “tHaT uNleGaL iMmYgRuNt is cLaiMinG bEneFits and aT tHe saMe tiMe sTeaLiNg mY joB. BreXit mean bRexIt. wE wOn, TheY loSt, geT oVer iT.”
James: “You’re not a swashbuckling anti-establishment ‘Brexiteer’. You’re just being a filthy Quitling cunt. Please try to grasp basic concepts.”
by Orielensis August 29, 2018
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