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It is the imaginary cliff in which anyone who is smoking weed must jump off of with a wing suit to enjoy their high. The cliff is 500 times bigger than the Grand Canyon and is always a perfect temperature of 65 Degrees F. The Cliff is located in the middle of Time and Space. Quinn's Cliff is virtually a portal to the wonderful world of being high off of marijuana. Once you have put on your wing suit and goggles (Smoked your weed) you are ready to dive off. The act of diving off represents the feeling of complete and utter highness. The wing suit will allow you to fly and be high for a while until you eventually land in a pile of Hostess products (Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Honey Buns, etc). The term was invented circa 2010 by some stoners in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey. They feel the term appropriately and accurately describes the feeling of smoking weed and getting high.
Jake: "Yo Nick, are you at Quinn's Cliff yet?"
Nick: "Yeah, I'm just putting my wing suit and goggles on now"
Jake: "After this hit, you will be diving off the cliff"
Nick: "Indeed"

Tyler: "Did you get high after smoking that weed last night?"
Nick: "Yes, I did jump off Quinn's Cliff."

Nick:"How many hits does it take you to get to Quinn's Cliff?"
Jake: "About three, and then on the fourth I am jumping off the cliff"
by TheCliffDiver October 06, 2011
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