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The most powerful couple in the world.

These two will can make someone's day just by being there. They are the only thing everyone talks about. Connor's and Quinn's are very smart and lovable. They can both be super kinky too! If you see a Quinn and Connor, don't think they are breaking up anytime soon!
Person 1: Is that Quinn and Connor?
Person 2: Yes! They look so perfect together! I'm so jealous!
by xXxDictionaryxXx June 11, 2018
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Quinn and Connor are the best people you will ever meet. They are the perfect couple, although Connor sometimes acts like a cheater. Quinn is the perfect match for Connor they are a power couple and will run the room.
Person 1 - I wish I was like Quinn and Connor they are such GOALS!

Person 2- OMG! I totes do too!
by yummycookies23438 June 11, 2018
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