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The quindle is the crevice-like hairless area directly above the base of the penis, which is often very itchy due to the surrounding hair. Derives from the Latin root quindelus quindei; meaning: "wow, this fucking itches dawg"
(Four guys are sitting around a poker table.)

Chim: "aww dude my quindle is soooo itchy!"
Pancho: "i hate it when that happens"
Johnny Boy: "What's a Quindle?"
J'marquon: "are you kidding Johnny? its the little akward hairless area at the base of your dick. Everyone knows that!"
Johhny Boy: "Oh thats what it is, as a matter o' fact, my Quindle itches too"
by Milobrielkoenigas March 01, 2006
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Creepy old man who looks like a rapist, moans all night, pees himself, and shits in the sink.
Dude:"Man, look at that Quindle."
Guy:"Yeah, I can't believe he shit IN THE SINK"
by Justin Quindle January 30, 2010
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