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The quindle is the crevice-like hairless area directly above the base of the penis, which is often very itchy due to the surrounding hair. Derives from the Latin root quindelus quindei; meaning: "wow, this fucking itches dawg"
(Four guys are sitting around a poker table.)

Chim: "aww dude my quindle is soooo itchy!"
Pancho: "i hate it when that happens"
Johnny Boy: "What's a Quindle?"
J'marquon: "are you kidding Johnny? its the little akward hairless area at the base of your dick. Everyone knows that!"
Johhny Boy: "Oh thats what it is, as a matter o' fact, my Quindle itches too"
by Milobrielkoenigas March 01, 2006

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an exclamation used since 2005 by schoolchildren in the lower manhatten area. derives from that sucks balls and shows extreme upsetness while still remaining tastefull. the expression is most often used when a large amount of stress or work that upsets the individual is suddenly unloaded.
Balls dude! we have to watch the entire movie "Shakespere in love"!
by Milobrielkoenigas March 01, 2006

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A phrase used by friends when they catch their friend scratching his nuts. Similar to somone catching a wierdo picking their nose and saying somthing like pick me a winner. the person with their hand in their pants is normally embarresed, or is just normal and says "dude my Quindle is itchy so fuck off" in which the friend agrees to the intensity of an itchy quindle and how it is fucking annoying and then feels like an ass.
(3 friends watching TV)

Bush: Hey dick what are you doin? digging for gold? haha
Dick (with hands down his pants): fuck you george its fucking itchy and my quindle is going nuts. and i'm a dude so if you cant get used to it fuck off.
Colin: yeah bush what the fuck
Bush: ok ok sorry, hey colin, pass the pretzels.
by Milobrielkoenigas March 12, 2006

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Douche, Douche, Douche, straight up.
Wow George Bush is a Douche
by Milobrielkoenigas March 08, 2006

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