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Quin is a very nice person who is very intellectual and is keen to help others who want his help he is a very friendly guy and you should always say hello to him he is a very nice friend and will respect everyone.
Quin is a very nice person.

i wish i had the values of Quin.
by Whalerice April 20, 2020
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quin is a athlete he likes to play football. He is a black boy sexy asf fuck. But the the bad thing about it id he a player and get girls emotions all the way up. He also think he can fight but he cant. He likes to play pranks on people too. He also very freaky
by Kampris November 29, 2018
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A person who is very positive. He stays to himself but speaks to some. He gets along with every single person and he treats them with respect. He holds doors, smiles and loves life. You will see a smile on his face everyday. He is smart and creative with his thoughts. He believes in peace, love, and positivity. He truly does what you call live life.
Quin is the definition of what a person should be .
by Caring Boy December 5, 2019
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Quin is a selfish nasty bitch who is not to be trusted he’ll say he will “love you forever “ but he’s lying because that’s all he ever does is lie he also calls girls sluts and whores bc he can’t get one himself so next time you run into a nasty ass boy named quin kick him in the balls
Dear quin meena wrote this your annoying and I’m way to good for you.
by Wmk13 August 7, 2019
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Quin is a fatass Who loves to eat dick and is retarded
Hey Quin stop being so fucking idotic and come over
by Arcane_Armeggedon January 5, 2019
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