One who is not a real man. There are multivarious rules by which one would be defined as a quiche eater, but here are a few:

Quiche eaters like to buy flowers for dates.
Quiche eaters do not look for trust funds and big breasts while dating.
Quiche eaters wear cowboy outfits when they are in the middle of major metropolitan areas.
Quiche eaters do not gamble nor do they idolize James Bond.

If you find yourself under the spell of a woman, chances are you are a quiche eater. Don't look at other definition and think it has anything to do with homosexuality. This is about lifestyle choices that heterosexual men are forced to make.
Jake was busy dating a hollywood supermodel with big gozangas. The date consisted of drinking. He then bashed the woman over the head with a club and dragged her by the hair back to his place. Jake is a real man.

Todd's date consisted of preparing and feeding his woman quiche. He dressed up in his finest cowboy outfit to do this. Todd is a quiche eater.
by BussaBuss July 16, 2010
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Used for calling someone gay.
"he looks likes he eats quiche"
"you quiche eater!"
by Sloan Frog April 28, 2008
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An upper-class or upper-middle-class person, presumably a snob or a trustifarian; one of the gentry; a person with effete or elitist tastes or habits; a patron of fern bars and Whole Foods supermarkets
'This neighborhood will be ruined if we get one more quiche eater moving in. They get in a house and multiply like rats.'
by anarcissie August 24, 2011
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