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The worlds greatest friend, & Super Sexy
Her name is UNIQUE just like her rare personality
usually goes by the name Kiwi or Bon-Qui-Qui
Qu = Quiara & Quiet. shes silenced but whe she opens her mouth people usually tend to cut her off. but when shes not she has the nicest things to say.
Shes beautiful inside & out

Has a heart of gold.

Very Musically talented, and has an internal shine.
Careful to love but when she does its always right!
Did you hear that? -- That has to be quiara
Yes... that IS quiara dancing & every one wants her
Damn shes hot... who is that? quiara
by cantbuymelove October 09, 2011
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A girl with great intentions in life. sometimes she will make the wrong choice like to cheat on her lovely tall boyfriend with her foolish best friends boyfriend but it will always be a one time. She is careful to love but when she does its right and she is often silenced but when she speaks , its entertainment. If you have a quiara in life you're super lucky keep her forever.
sexy boy:Wow could he break up with her

other boy: i know right he should give her another chance ... mean shes a Quiara
by AnonymousButCorrect1 December 02, 2018
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