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A busy place in The Philippines, particularly in Manila (the capital). This is where you find almost anything you need from legal to illegal. A lot of Muslim(and some rare non-Muslim) Filipinos are in here selling pirated DVDs and MP3s of all sorts. If you are looking for a cheap source of anything.. this place is probably for you.

This is also a bountiful place of snatchers, hold-uppers, kidnappers, and petty thieves. So if you are planning to hang in here, make sure you walk fast, always check your bags/luggages (or never bring them at all), and be ULTRA sensitive to the movements in your back. Bringing unecessary expensive gadgets here is highly unadvisable as sooner or later, it will end up in second-hand stores there where they would sell it for half the price.

This is also a good place to buy second-hand stuff... only if you know how to distinguish usable from unusable second-hand stuff.

A lot of Universities sit here too, like the Quiapo Parochial School...
(A petty thief tries to open his backpack)
Manileno: Hey! What are you doing there at my zipper!??!!
Thief: What the-- how did you??--
Manileno: I grew up from Quiapo you thief! I know all of your tactics!
Thief: Ohh.. that explains about everything...
by OPA September 28, 2007
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A small mexican child, usually from a chalupa
The Quiapo was selling rugs at the local meximart for 3 pesos.
by Scott Riel February 14, 2004
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