Go to Chipotle and ask them for a quesarito. It is a tortilla with melted cheese inside of it, then it is opened up and you can put whatever you want in it. Finally, it is folded up like a burrito.
Mark: I'm stuffed dude, I just ate a huge burrito.

Will: Next time go for the quesarito, it tastes so much better.
by King MJS August 23, 2011
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A "secret menu" item at the Tex-Mex restaurant Chipotle, which if you order when there's a huge line,
1. Everyone will fucking hate you
2. Everyone will sigh
3. People will talk about how stupid you are
4. The Chipotle employees will fucking hate you
5. The Chipotle employees will sigh
6. The Chipotle employees will talk about how stupid you are
The reason everybody hates when people order a burrito wrapped in a layer of cheese, and then wrapped in another tortilla, is that it takes SO LONG TO MAKE, and the patient people waiting in line behind you have to wait even longer.
My point is, don't order this. For the people who order this item, see douchebag and asshole.
Customer - Hey, could I have a quesarito please?
Everyone in line and the staff members - FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
by blerblines May 15, 2015
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