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Literally "what the fuck" in Spanish, but actually gramatically incorrect. Popularized by Cheech & Chong.
Que la chinga, man!
by 111111111111111111111111111111 December 10, 2008
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In Spanish, "Que" = What, "La" = The, and "Chinga" = Fuck. Que La Chinga is like What The Fuck, literally translated in Spanish. In Spanish, the phrase "Que La Chinga" actually doesn't mean anything, but it's good to use in situations where you can't say "What The Fuck" or "WTF", like at work for example. Can be abbreviated as QLC.
Que La Chinga man, the store closed like a hour ago and that customer's still in here, I wanna get the fuck outta here.
by J-Smoove June 18, 2006
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