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(kwar-ter koked) Adj. An extension of Half-Cocked, which is acting on assumptions or partial information. A person who is Quarter-Cocked, is so idiotic that they act on STUPID assumptions based on information that doesn't even exist. Kind of like that friend that everyone knows that spouts off stupid remarks about people they don't even know.
Guy one: Dude, you hear that Paris Hilton got locked up?

Guy two: Hell Yeah! Doesn't she have a new sex tape out, "A Night In The Warden's Office"!

Idiot: What are you talking about?!? Paris Hilton is a nice, good-natured woman who is a perfect role model for preteen girls and women everywhere!

Guy one: Kick his quarter-cocked ass.

Guy two: Ok.
by Chattom, E August 24, 2007
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