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n. A woman's girth that matches or surpasses the size of her breasts, giving the impression that she she has two sets of breasts when in fact she is simply fat.

A girl's quadtit can be accentuated by doing crunches or any other type of curling motion that makes the quadtit, or quad for short, more prominent.
1. I thought Danielle had a pretty good face, but as I slowly worked my way down her body I realized she had a quadtit bigger than the real things!

2. Henry and I were at the gym doing non-homo-sexual masculine things when we saw that Michelle had completely worked off her quadtit, making her body look healthier and her real tits appear bigger. Good for her.

3. There's this video of a girl on Youtube with 4 quadtits! I didn't believe it either until I saw them for myself.
by Guitano98 May 06, 2009
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