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The interuniversal language of the Qkark planet "C3-68". A way of communication, used by the Qkark blobs. The Qkarklean language consists of sounds made within the throat and then formed into floms to show what one means or is thinking. There were once over ten-billion languages on C3-68, but the blobs compiled these languages into one easy-to-remember alphabet containing 612 letters (not including emojis).
"Thy;'aayyadgna%wwn mdkògh;;fghgfran g èasjahdiguqqan rjagdasaai moG;dhlig^$@(*#&@WKSGEO(*Y@#HNY@y3cyw8rq87674CBW845495\\VS``~//~HIHiH//DSGCj/ahbx;ephrKIJ*(A))ia0s0 0)*)" -exert from the Qkarklean 3078 award winning fliperflam comedy "Idjsdbwhsb ahdgen //6wgsnydn \\ jugtwn~?"
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by The Great Flitflart of C3-87 September 21, 2017
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