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A Qim is a sort of EMO fag that likes to dye their hair dumb colours like rainbows or 'silver'. A Qim will usually play a guitar or bass (pretty much any kind of thing you pull strings on, excluding harps). Qim's are usually terrible at making friends and sometimes terrible people in general, though often their dislikeable character is a result of bullying which can be traced to their own bad choices and rarity of the name (this doesn't mean they aren't bad people if such is the case). Qim's like to play edgy video games and usually spend all day inside. They're such inside people that they will freak out if they see a deer or another docile animal outside even if they live in the countryside. Qim's can also deeply enjoy the abomination of music that is known as 'Visual Kei'. Which is essentially metal/screamo music for weeaboos that can sound really deep when it's not screamo-ing but the music itself is just a mess of fucked up notes although this is a rare trate even for a Qim.
Qim's are extremely paranoid by nature and often express the EMO trait of believing everyone is out to get them.
The name 'Qim' itself is a rare name, even in the countries it is most prevalent. (those being in Scandinavian countries and generally northeastern Europe) While primarily a boy's name , it is given to some girls, still a very rare thing though.
Boy1: "Did you hear Qim play her guitar? She's so good, but her hair is just stupid and she listens to that crappy music"
Boy2: "Yeah, can't deny her talent, but she never even tries to talk to any of them. Felix tried to talk to her yesterday and she just muttered something in Japanese like she-nay or somethin'"
Boy3: "Yeah, EMO fag's deserving of that nickname. It's sad cause she's a pretty cute girl underneath all that, doesn't redeem her though"
by FUITH_J May 19, 2017
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