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Qi Ens' are often attention seeking especially for the attention of boys. They also love to boast about their skills, grades etc.

However, there are Qi Ens' out there who are really nice and a great friend to have. They will have your back in any situation and will always do crazy things/stunts with you.

Qi Ens' usually have long hair (but always says they want it longer) they also tend to wear spectacles or contacts, they tend to also be flexible, they can either be really pretty or really ugly. They can also be easily influenced and have soft hearts.

Their emotions can take you on a rollercoaster as they can feel happy and one point and the next sad. They can easily fall for a funny, "best friends" and protective kind of guy.
Friend A: I hung out with Qi En today
Friend B: Ew Qi Ens' are stuck ups
Friend A: Not this one she's really nice
Friend B: well than shes a keeper
by sipping tea in the corner September 06, 2017
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