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Beautiful Inside out. Is A good friend to others, has her bad days but is always reliable. Everyone likes her and she is easy to get along with she is kind heart-ed and is very smart she has a beautiful name and is very intelligent is good with advice and gets along with everyone. Might seem shy at first but Hyper when you get to know her. Loves people but not her self. She is just a person who is calm and is her self not caring what people think. Qendresa.
My best friends name is qendresa
by Chole10223 December 11, 2012
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Meaning; A little bitch (; Qendresa is also a name for salad dressing. xD
Example 1: Why are you being such a Qendresa ...
Example 2: Could I have some Qendresa sauce with that?
by eliteblu1718 August 23, 2011
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