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Qasreena is a pretty girl. She looks like an elegant castle. She is smart and intelligent girl. Qasreena such a hot-tempered girl, so don't make her angry. She really don't like to cause a fight, but if anyone start it first, she will revenge for a thousand times. Qasreena also had a laser mouth, so watch out if you talk with her. She's such a complicated girl to deal with but it'll be fine with her family, bestfriends and beloved one. For those who get a girl like Qasreena, you can't let her go! She's so precious to being hurt. She's full of jealousy if it is about people she loved. Usually, her principe are " once hate, forever will hate" and " hurt me once, i'll hurt you more". Beware with this type of girl. Although she looks like arrogant, but once you know her well, the real side of her will appear. She must be look like very very cold, but on the other side, she's very cute and childish. Any boy who get her will always smile with his cuteness.
You're full of cuteness Qasreena.
by moonlight shiner July 15, 2018
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