An online term used on video game threads to tell someone to quit the game they are complaining about, because they are stupid or unskilled.

Originated from the RTS Warcraft, where pressing alt-QQ would immediately quit the game if they were getting pwned.
Unfortunately, some people mistake it for "cry more noob" because supposedly QQ resembles a crying face.
Noob: OMG PLEAse take oUt this gun it iS SOOOO overpowerd

Poster: QQ more noob. It is not overpowered, you just suck. Maybe that's why you keep getting pwned by it.
by Colder August 30, 2011
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A term making fun of another player in an online game.
"I just got wtfpwned by that infiltrator"

"STFU, QQ more noob"
by Brad Pearce March 19, 2004
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The phrase is derived from the word "crotch" because people like to scratch it.
OMG why don't you go QQ more noob plzkthxbi.
by LeeroyJenkins January 3, 2008
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