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Pronunciation of the acronym Q.A.B. standing for Questionable At Best.

Can be used in many different scenes, such as a friends strange outfit, bad attitude, hair cut, crappy car, shitty girlfriend, etc.
Cavy- Hey look at my Halloween outfit. Isn't it sweet.

Frank- No, your costume is QAB. You look like a village person on crack.

Cavy- Does doing this tuck in make me look like a girl.

Frank- QAB, that's what it makes you look like, questionable at best retard.
by manic cavy July 24, 2010
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Acronym: Queer Ass Bitch.

Definition: Someone who unneccessarily attains a state of high emotional distress.
Due to a lack of toilet paper Jesse Serig QAB'd out.
by Judy Jewerson May 06, 2006
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