Boxing Kirby, best kirby of all time

by 1337IkeGr3il May 13, 2008
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An smiley that is a picture of a korean boxer. The Q's represent his hands. -_- his face.
You: Man im going to fuck you up gosu starcraft player SlayerS_'BoxeR'

SlayerS_'BoxeR': -.-
SlayerS_'BoxeR': Q(-_-Q)
by Foogle October 06, 2003
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A basic type drawn image variant of Kirby...this time he is posing as a boxer, throwing a punch. This simple...thing, is the answer to anything and everything, killing any hope of a comeback, and rendering those bastards on 4chan powerless
Detective: Where were you on the day of the murder?
You: Umm... Q==(^.^Q)
Detective: Shit, this investigation is closed until further notice!

You: Q==(^.^Q)
**No reply**
by i suck cock for money September 25, 2010
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A badger with a troubled past and nothing else to lose. It means to be so pissed of at someone that you rip their intestines out of their ass and hang them with them while cutting there eyeballs out with a salt-covered butterknife.
Guy 1: Dude you suck.
Guy 2: Dude I hate you.
Narrarator: Oh no! A conflict!
Guy 1: I'll eat you.
Guy 2: Q(@_@Q) bitch.
Narrarator: Guy 2 proceeds to go to Guy 1's place of inhabitance and rip his intestines out of his ass and hang him with them while cutting out his eyebals with a salt-covered butterknife.
by Purity21kg July 14, 2006
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