Why is there nothing that starts with Q
by RawrImaGoldfish April 16, 2011
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g. We are now in the qeneration where q and g are reversed and win is reachable.
Instead of "you're gay and queer."

You say "you're qay and gueer."
by RiddleMeThat June 24, 2010
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A contraction (short form) for "thank you" created from elision of the first part of the word and by using the last phonetic syllable ("kyou").

Notable for saving time in everyday speech for being able to be said faster than alternatives such as "thanks" and texted/typed faster than "ty."
Person 1: There you go, here's the note that you missed from the lecture today.
Person 2: "Q"
by Savaros March 18, 2017
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A loyal letter of the alphabet. never without it's boyfriend, u, but it's also very naive and hasn't yet found out u is a whore. also a loser
via giphy
by sanifqbfsfbdsofbdsoibsdi March 21, 2019
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when a really gullible person tricks another gullible person of lesser gullibility.
by mike xie February 22, 2005
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A shortened version of the saying "fuck you."

Fuck you = ---k you = Q

To throw the term fuck you in a quick fashioned manner.
You know what? Q, Q and Q you too.
by yeakevinc September 27, 2010
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