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A form of bodily hair in which is located toward thee buttox area. Has attachments of crap patties on peubs in the butt-crack.
"Dude, trim those pyobs.. they a little long!"
Would you like a toasted pyobsandwhich ??
by caleb/ian October 20, 2007
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Pay Your Own Bill. You're responsible for paying for what you order.
Person A: Lets grab lunch with a few co-workers.
Person B: You treating or is the company paying for it?
Person A: Ehh, No its P.Y.O.B. Pay your own bill.
Person B: I'm not going if its not free!
by feeldasize November 19, 2017
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Post Your Own Babes

Used on message boards on any special occasion. Primarily when the poster is too lazy to post babe pics for the actual occasion
TOPIC: I've got 10,000 posts (PYOB)
by foxhaze July 24, 2005
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